2019 Reunion

Carnival Sunrise Cruise

As it becomes increasingly more difficult for shipmates to travel and go on the daily outings, Larry Schmuhl of the USS Ranger CV-61 group suggested a cruise. This would allow a sort of “one-stop shopping” where  

attendees could board the ship and stay on until the cruise was over. Or, along with anyone wishing to go ashore during a stop, they could do so. Land tours (cost to be determined) will be arranged at each port-of-call at a later date. Larry and his wife Mary have been on such a reunion cruise, and said they enjoyed it. Larry has been in contact with the cruise’s coordinator who has come up with the following information:

Dates: September 22-29, 2019


Vessel: Newly-refurbished Carnival Sunrise


Departure/arrival port: New York City


Ports-of-Call: Portland and Bar Harbor Maine; St John and Bay of Fundy; New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Prices: Start from $604 per person for an interior cabin; From $724 per person for ocean view and from $1069 per person for Balcony. These are today’s prices per person and are subject to change. Taxes, fees and port expenses are an additional $224.52 per person.


Other: You will need a valid passport. When making a reservation, you will need your name(s) as it appears on your passport and a refundable $250 per-person deposit at the time of your reservation.  If you wish to go on this trip, and you need to renew your passport or apply for one, please do so as soon as you can.


More details about the cruise will be included in the next newsletter. As a reminder, if you are considering joining us on the cruise and don’t have a valid passport, NOW is the time to apply for one.

Please be advised that anyone that books directly with Carnival or through another agency, will not be included for dining with those that our in our group. Carnival does not allow Brian to work with someone else’s reservation.


Also, people have asked about the sleeping arrangements for adding a 3rd person to the room and what the bedding set-up was. Both the oceanview and the balcony cabins can be arranged as follows: either 2 twins with a sofa bed, or 1 queen with a sofa bed. The interior cabins will have an upper birth for a 3rd person, so unless you very agile or the 3rd person is a child, that will not work.  The first two people would pay the same; the third would pay $179 or $225.  The individuals could then divide the total cabin cost however they want and flip a coin for who sleeps where!


Call Brian Forrester with any questions and reserve your cabin now and to lock in current prices.


Brian Forrester




It seems that these prices are in line with prior reunions costs when you consider hotel prices. The time of year should be good for shore tours with the changing tree colors and cooler temperatures.

If you are interested in attending the 2019 reunion cruise, please contact Brian Forrester to reserve a spot as soon as possible. Also, please let Jim Baker (cavu@flapsdown.net) know so we can build a roster.  More information will follow as it becomes available.